About Doc Gallagher

W. Neil Gallagher, Ph.D., also known by many as the “The Money Doctor” from his popular financial Q&A radio talk show by the same name, is a proud graduate of Brown University. He is also a former professor at the University of Houston and Texas Christian University, where he taught classes in Logic and Ethics.

A financial journalist, Certified Elder Planning Specialist, and Certified Senior Advisor “Doc” Gallagher is also the president and Chief Executive Officer of The Gallagher Group, which offers independent investment education and resources to interested individuals. He has personally addressed thousands of questions regarding estate planning, lawsuit protection, tax avoidance, wealth creation, and the psychology of investing during frequent seminar speeches. Doc Gallagher’s most recent book, The Money Doctor’s Guide to Taking Care of Yourself When No One Else Will (published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York), has already helped thousands of readers to resolve their financial troubles and become financially secure.

Doc Gallagher has authored more than 70 professional and popular articles which have appeared in various publications, including Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, The Journal of Value Inquiry, World Vision Magazine, The Commission: Quarterly Review of the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board, Charisma & Christian Life, and The Message of the Cross. Don’t Go Overseas Until You Have Read This Book, another of his publications, is often used as a primer on culture shock in seminaries and universities around the world. In addition to this, his book How to Stop the Porno Plague offers a straightforward action plan for dealing with rape, seduction, and child pornography within a community.

Doc Gallagher currently resides near Dallas with his wife and children. He has recently released an audio program, Strategies for Excellence, with renowned Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author Jack Canfield.


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